As of 07 Feb 2022, The DAF has approved 8 Religious Accommodation requests to the COVID-19 Vaccine and granted 1 appeal.

You’re a fucking idiot. Besides the fact that they would’ve withheld your benefits, your duty to those around you is to ensure you will protect their safety. If you’re too stupid to get a basic grasp on high school biology, maybe use Google or go to a fucking doctor.

You should be ashamed to even out yourself as someone trying to get an exemption, but really be thankful that the Air Force saved you from a possible lifetime of side effects for what equate to a simple flu shot.

I’m glad you’re separating because you’re not someone the Air Force should have in any supervisory role.

Before you give me some bullshit response about the vaccine, if you’re going to refute your stupid decision please provide a peer reviewed source.

Sincerely, Someone with a B.S. in biology from a top tier university with a concentration in virology.

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