1.3 Q&A (Resin on BP, Transmutation for Character Ascension Gems)

Really wish players that invested in past BPs were compensated for the fragile resin they didn't get. I appreciate that they're adding fragile resin but it means all past BPs have less value.

The very people that started from the begining and got the game off the ground are given less for helping Mihoyo out the most. The extra fragile resin is obviously there for player retention but why forget about the very people that helped Mihoyo in the past months?

As more is added to their BP is makes past BPs less worthwhile. And the people that have been around since the begining and have gone through BP with less rewards are the one that are hurt the most. This wouldn't matter if it was for free but this is something we all pay for and future BP are essentially going to lesser the value of past BPs.

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