1 in 5 people suffer from Dyslexia.

And it’s kind of stupid that you want to criticize my user name, we blend and kill animals all the time, how the fuck do you think we have meat to eat, we kill animals on a daily basis, an average person doesn’t go bat shit crazy or something because of it, but like I said my girlfriend is dyslexic and it can really emotionally destroy her at times... so do you really thinks a fucking user name is that bad compared to something that really affects people all over the world, not just a community of vegans that like to go bar shit crazy of killing animals for food, not saying all are like that but some are, and animals kill other animals, it’s been like this forever, it’s how we have survived, we are called humans for a big reason being that we cook our food, and all animals that eat meat of course kill the prey it’s the damn food chain, we are just on tops and have gotten way more efficient at getting food, so don’t get your panties in a bunch of a name, because we kill and blend animals all the time, while in America we don’t blend cats or eat them in some other parts of the world some may, but dyslexia can affect someone a lot, so I see no reason to get upset or call out my name over making a joke of dyslexia

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