#1 Legend Tempo Mage list

Just for an update on this --- your deck seems pretty popular now. I have been playing midrange Warlock to climb this month, and in the past 2 days I have faced this deck 4 times and no other deck more than once. It's a small sample size, but you can tell it's caught on.

Here's a suggestion for anyone playing the deck - if you're against Warlock, you should mulligan away your Sorcerer's Apprentices to look for better early drops. In all 4 games I played, the fragile early body was a huge liability and the lost tempo and card advantage led to quick Warlock wins. The early games were:

  • 1. Mage turn 1 pass, Lock turn 1 coin + Haunted Creeper, Mage turn 2 Apprentice, Lock turn 2 Knife Juggler and kill Apprentice.
  • 2. Lock turn 1 pass, Mage turn 1 Mana Wyrm, Lock turn 2 Nerubian Egg, Mage turn 2 Apprentice, Lock turn 3 Abusive Sergeant and Darkbomb. In this situation, I don't know what the opponent had (he conceded very soon after), but it's possible he made a mistake. If he had Flamecannon in hand, the right play would be turn 2 Apprentice, Coin, attack Egg, then play Flamecannon. It might be right with Frostbolt too.
  • 3. Mage turn 1 Mana Wyrm, Lock turn 1 Coin-Creeper, Mage turn 2 Apprentice, Lock turn 2 hit Apprentice and Mortal Coil. This one wasn't as much of a blowout, but if that Apprentice had been some 2/3 or a Portal I would've had to just tap.
  • 4. Mage turn 1 Mana Wyrm, Lock turn 1 coin-Egg, Mage turn 2 Apprentice, Lock turn 2 Abusive. He had the Flamecannon (and so could attack the Abusive and Flamecannon the 4/4 Nerubian) to stay okay on the board, but he was down a card and a turn of tempo when I had Coil (which I played with a 2-drop). Plays were fairly even after that point (something like him Shredder, me Imp-losion, him Drake, me Darkbomb-tap, etc.) and I eventually won off the extra board presence and card advantage.

Basically, if Apprentice had been Mad Scientist, Unstable Portal or even Zombie Chow any of those 4 games, my opponent would have been way better off.

Mull away Apprentices against Warlock (do it against Rogue too).

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