1 Month in, Down 40 pounds

Congratulations on changing your eating habits. 10 pound/week on average seems to be a dangerously high weight loss though. I realise it must seem great losing this much but it's not sustainable to keep that up long term.

Slow and steady wins the race. Make habit changes for a lifetime, be healthier. Don't just lose a ton of weight as quickly and dangerously as possible and not change your lifestyle and eating habits for good. You'll be back straight where you started otherwise.

Anyway, sorry if being negative. It just worries me when I see posts like this all the time. 2-3 pounds a week is safe and sustainable, though I realise taking a year to do something instead of 3-4 months seems like a long time, there's a reason why it works out better in the long term, because you build discipline and habit that lasts.

Best of luck.

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