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New subreddit sans marketing/website links: /r/skincareaddicts.

TL;DR - mods seem to have been using this subreddit as a way to drive traffic to their website, which is monetised, have been deleting criticism, and 'shadow-banning' those who call them out, using automod.

Person here has been effectively shadowbanned for expressing a dislike of the way the subreddit has been going. Says she knows of other people that this has also happened to.

Person here has been messaged by a former mod about their concerns about the sub. Edit: have edited out link after they have been messaged by other mods, they don't want to be involved and I'll respect that. Sorry for any hassle caused!

Here a mod talks about how they're trying to get people to move from reddit to their own personal website as an 'experiment' (???) - worrying as it makes it easier to monetise and gives them more control, free from potential admin involvement.

Here somebody I was talking to has had their comments deleted, after they gave reasons for their suspicions about the subreddit. (admittedly not sure if the commentor did it or if it was mods - but would be strange for the commentor to do it randomly ~30 mins after posting). EDIT: it was definitely mods - my comments have been deleted too.

Then of course there was this comment, which was removed by a mod for being critical of the video they were trying to promote. Reapproved after outcry.

I'll update this if anything else is brought to my attention.

But yeah. I really do love this sub, I think it's fantastic. I'm honestly just worried it's being taken over by people with less-than-honest intentions. I think a more open mod policy and less outright 'censoring' of comments would promote a better community.

What do you guys think?

edit: it's been brought to my attention that I too appear to have been shadowbanned, i assume just after making this masterpost?

edit #2: have not been shadowbanned - just had my comments deleted. The comment thread that got deleted went something like: > her: "i think the 'no diet advice' thing is a bit shady too"

>me: "not sure i follow. why?"

>her: "it ensures that people only talk about products that can the sub/blog can get deals with"

> me: "whoaaaaa /r/conspiracy lol. to be honest ever since pocketderm advertised this subreddit in their email newsletter i've figured they had a deal together."

(just to clarify i personally don't think the 'no diet advice' thing is a ~conspiracy~, lol)

Seems a bit strange to delete this fairly innocuous thread?!

edit #3: a mod has commented.

edit #4: here's /u/MissPicklesMeow screenshots of her comments being autoremoved - what I refer to when I say 'shadowbanning'.

also this person cannot see this thread on the front page any more - anyone else? Proof provided in the comment.

edit #5: Upon request, I have created /r/skincareaddicts. Will get it up and running after this has blown over.

edit #6: Former mod comments on the shilling of products.

More people who have been 'shadowbanned' by Automod.

edit #7: Yes, the mods are making money off the website.

edit #8: ieatbugs comments. Please, please do not dox her. It's a fucked up thing to do to another person.

buttermilk_biscuits - another mod - comments

edit #9: trying to get a straight answer about 'compensation' from ieatbugs. She has said that they have received nothing from Pocketderm, a bar of soap from Cerave, and ~$120 from referral links from Paula's Choice from the website.

edit #10: not as serious at all, but a bit of a light-hearted insight from a former mod - apparently this is a special mod-only private subreddit for mocking users. thought this was quite funny!

also the same former mod has said this. no proof yet, though.

edit #11: after being advised to by many, I have messaged the admins.

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