10 year old Yemeni girl smiling after she was granted a divorce from her husband, a grown adult.

"Being physically more powerful on average definitely made men the dominant, controlling force in more primitive society, but to even think that women wouldn't act the same way if they had the same physical advantages is childish."

Who are you addressing here? If women were physically dominant, men would be oppressed throughout history. I don't think anyone disagrees.

"Being incapable of something doesn't make you a saint, as the countless women who have abused and mistreated their own children proves, all it takes is the ability to wield power for it to be used irresponsibly."

He (nor anyone) argues that every woman is a saint. Is your argument that women haven't been oppressed? Or is your logic seriously: well women would oppress men too if they had the power so it's fine to oppress women. You speak of childishness and this is probably the most childish comment I've read in weeks. Try /r/incel

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