In 10 years we will see a headline: "Millenial & Gen Z suicides linked to economic recession cause by lock-down exceed Covid-19 death toll".

you have 1.3 million, come to FL where we have 19 million plus, where did most of the cases start? people flying in from NY. it spread like wildfire through contact and movement. if people would have listened from the jump when we were yelling to get the spring breakers out of FL, we wouldn’t have had the shit show we had down here. It’s about being prepared and cooperative. If cases are still “low” it’s due to the preventative measures in place. What is so complicated about understanding that. It doesn’t take a virus that has the death toll of an apocalypse to realize when shit needs to be organized. Now that our numbers are reasonable and our hospitals are down to nothing we’re open again. Boom

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