It´s only natural that the emotions of anger and hate will be prevalent in red pill swallowing men. This red pill rage coincide with the urge to discuss your thoughts and feelings. So no wonder there seems to be a lot of anger in this subreddit.

We need to let men vent their emotions. Because there is basically no other place where the emotions of red pill awareness can be vented, but anonymously, online, in a forum where other people understand you.

The anger will transition towards productivity and an adaptation and acceptance of how society and women function. This forum is healthy for new red pillers. They can be guided by more experienced red pillers on how to manage the mind blowing insights. They can also talk with and bond with other new red pillers. Realizing that they are not alone. They are not insane. There are tons and tons of other men who experience the same things. There are people out there who know "exactly what you are talking about".

This helps people adapt to a healthy view of life, society and relationship. Being aware of the dangers and being mroe thoughtful towards social interactions and thereby responsible for ones own happiness.

I am also having a glass of wine. Going out to an underground club with my kind of music and people. As well as girls about 10 years younger than me. Something I would be ashamed to do if I was bluepill ("I am not that type of creepy old guy"). Now I allow myself to express my emotions and realize I am not taking advantage of anyone (anymore than they might do of me at least ;)).

I do what I like and don't care what family or (previous) friends think of me. Female approval seeking behaviour is also gone. Manipulative behaviour is easily spotted and gives me an instant turn-off instead of spinning my feelings towards the pathological rottening of the mind of the horrible disease "oneitis".

Her pussy pass is not valid in "my country".

Cheers! :) (the emoticon is a display of my emotional state, ha!)

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