Maybe I am getting too drunk now to post (I gues it´s a sort of disclaimer). But this makes very much sense to me atm.

One more thing about purple pillers (and bluepillers). I think people on this forum have problems with relying on self-validation rather than external validation. Trying to convince purple pillers or blue pillers about your world view is trying to be reasonable. "We" have tried this our whole life when we were blue pill and it hasn't worked. We have lived up to ideals of logic and honesty and thought that reason is above all else. Well it is (of course) but people (in general) aren't wired that way. The concept of rationality as the highest form of truth-finding is a concept thou shall not use on people in general.

Therefore, when you find yourself being defensive, defending your stance by reason, you are destined to lose. You want the validation from others who are not as rational as you (most people). You want to drag them up to your level of rationality (you want to see them as equals) but they use machiavellanism on you to establish their viewpoint as the accepted one. And they win and you lose frame.

Instead, realize that your RP awareness is an advantage that gives you a rational approach (rather than intuitive) to social interaction. Don't try to drag them up to your level of rationality. Realize that they are below you (and do not feel bad about thinking like this!) and speak to them in their native tongue. I.e "hold frame". Emotional state (confidence/amused mastery/etc...) over reason.

If you feel bad about seeing yourself as superior it is probably because you seek validation from others. You don't want to be that guy. Why not? because others might disapprove of you and you are thought of as arrogant. But those types of people have taken advantage of your rational, somewhat predictable, honest characteristics your whole life. Why seek validation from them? Don't let them now whats going on in your head. And stop seeking validation from them. Join the game instead. You can use logic and reason on forums like this. With like-minded people. Not with average Joe or average Jane.

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