I have $100 in my bank account... and my ex broke up with me New Years...

Help me brainstorm and find a solution.

I am 33 F I don't have a job I don't have a place to live (ex broke up with me in New Years Eve) I don't have a car My credit is so bad that I was advised to file for bankruptcy I hate my career. I was a Spanish teacher and then I taught computer skills to the unemployed community (see the irony) and after 10 years I decided to call it quits. ( I quit my job when I was dating my ex and three months later he decided that I wasn't making him happy) Rant* I applied to a job for delta and I they called me for an interview. I declined it because my ex told me that I was going to work with him and I didn't to worry about having a job*

My situation at this moment

I am in Canada visiting my sister. In January 12, I am going to start a personal finance class online I am going to receive $1000 for educational expenses after tuition and $2000 in March. In December I joined the beachbody coach team but I am still not generating money from that. I am applying for jobs like crazy

My family is being very nice. My sister offered me to stay with her in Canada even that well she has a family and if I stay they will have to sacrifice a few things. She said that I can help her with her business but other than that I will not be generating any money (and the husband doesn't look happy about me staying here) I also don't have a working permit here in Canada. I am a US permanent resident.

My older brother told me to learn coding online and do freelancing. He said that in three months I could learn enough to start working

My younger brother invited me to go to Mexico and join ACN ( MLM) he says that in six months I could generate enough money to support myself and then go back to USA.

What do I think? I think that my family loves me and wants to give me a hand but I feel that it won't solve my financial situation in the long run. My flight is scheduled to go back on Jan 17th. All my things are at my ex's house.

My goal is to be self-sufficient and be able to support myself again. I don't have any children and not planning on having any.

I started reading books such as "Think, and grow rich" and "The compound effect", "Rich dad, poor dad" and when I read the books, I have hope that I can make it on my own. But by the end of the day everything looks dark and I start to worry a lot.

I start thinking about where am I going to live? How am I going to find a job without a car, or cash?

If I stay with my sister, I feel that I am hiding and not confronting my situation. The reality of the world. Kiyosaki and Napoleon Hill and all the self help books don't sound realistic at this moment.

I want to clean my mess, clean my credit and file my taxes ( long story). Be independent, have my own business and have a comfortable life.

What would you do?

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