So we 100% have a rat. It's happened already.

Andrew, I told exactly ONE person that I had a suspicion you were involved in the Noah situation. It was your pal tuna farts who begged me to PM him and give him my thoughts on the matter. I thought I trusted him since we'd chatted here before. He then turned around and got all weird and defensive and passive-aggressively hinted that I wasn't telling the truth or some bullshit like that. He then clearly went straight to you, because I got a PM from you shortly afterward. That whole situation rubbed me the wrong way, yet I still remained civil with you and didn't get mad or tell you of or anything like that, even though I had every right to. If you have "some of your customers" (read: more than that one guy) who claim I'm talking shit, I'd be happy to discuss any of these instances if you tell me (PM is fine) what I've said and to whom I've said it.

Oh and furthermore, I have never ONCE told anyone "Andrew reported another vendor". Ever. That is a FACT. Like I said, I fell for Tuna Farts who violated my trust, and anyone else I discussed the situation with publicly on this sub, I've been careful about my word choice. I have NEVER directly accused you of a single thing.

That's all I have to say man. This shit better get sorted out soon. I'm tired of watching it. I'm sure you don't like me anymore, which is fine, but you know as well as I do that I have ZERO vested interest, financial or other, in any vendor around here. My vested interest is solely in keeping kratom legal and keeping our community a safe place for us all to talk about something very dear to all of us. I often react hastily, as I probably have mentioned before, but it's out of purely good intentions. I apologize for making you angry. I will certainly keep your name out of my mouth from here on out.

Whatever happened in the past and happens in the future is between you and God, so to speak. No matter what, if you have the best of intentions, things will work out in your favor. Remember that.

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