At ~100k unique visitors per month in the online dating blog niche, my average RPM from display advertizing is at $10. Room for improvement?

I'm not a social person in general, but I especially hate dealing with customers, which goes for any job with customer contact I've ever had. So is it moving out of my comfort zone? Yes, and it's made me depressive in the past. Not so much because of anxiety or social ineptitude but more because of being forced to deal with stupid people all day. I dislike about 60% of people I've met so far, while feeling neutral towards about 35% of the remainder.

History has also proven I'm not a good salesman.

It's my experience/analyses I'm posting, but it has more to do with the technical aspects of the dating app (tinder mostly) and general do/don't advice than with dating strategies. I don't feel I could offer someone coaching worth $5k (or 1k for that matter).

Evaluating profiles and advising people on how to use dating apps correctly is something I can do.

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