105 lbs lost and I am finally exploring the sensual woman that was hidden within.

I do have a lot of loose skin, and that's the reason I haven't attempted to have sex with my husband this whole time. I don't know when it will happen, but we have always been an almost asexual marriage. We can go years on affection alone. Hand holding, compliments, hugs. So he's fine with me waiting til I'm ready.

I'll get surgery eventually. But I saw his face when he saw my loose skin, and yeah. I agree with him. We both think I look good with clothes and shape wear on. I know I look melted without it. He's sympathetic about it. I'll just keep moving forward.

This process is still totally worth it though. We went for a hike yesterday, and did so much yard work today. I couldn't participate like this before. We are both stoked about how I'm coming along.

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