In 10th grade, I delivered a persuasive speech about how no one needed an AK-47 to defend themselves. I changed my mind.

Welfare people are only part of the equation. Technically it’s all of us. We all put our own desires first over anything or anyone else.

That’s why this planet is dying and why people are still drinking water bottles, using plastic bags, yet sea turtles are still dying and choking on them.

Absolutely people should be working and trying to better themselves but most are complacent or just blame others for why they couldn’t do something.

Our own desires and wants and comfort is what keeps us down and from doing anything. The one thing I admire about the black community is that they don’t waste any time to start voicing their opinions and taking action. Is destroying businesses and looting the right answer? No.

But what should be done is taking guns and stuffing them in the faces of politicians who are going against US and their oath. They’re lining their pockets with our money that we struggle to make ends meet because 35% of your annual salary goes immediately to them.

Problem is this country was intentionally divided up by media for black vs whites, rich vs poor, democrats vs Republicans etc. People are finding more ways to find why they’re different than why we all are really the same.

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