12 hashtags that "changed the world"

Lets go down the line:

  • YesAllWomen CHANGED THE WORLD and brought to light that the attention should be on women and not the blind accusation of men. In the article it says exactly that along with that "conversations about misogyny aren't about bashing men, but about supporting women", which is definitely the way that it SHOULD be, but there's still a HUGE number of people on Tumblr who saw the hashtag as a way to get under the skin of men and disprove this, undoing all that change. But #notallfeminists are like that, right?

  • YouOKSis CHANGED THE WORLD by attempting to bring to light....catcalling? Yeah, it's rude, and if you see someone being catcalled who clearly doesn't enjoy it, you should intervene. Granted intervention in most cases is usually not common, but especially for catcalling. But for a reason. It's catcalling.

  • BringBackOurGirls CHANGED THE WORLD by....not being successful. It was for a VERY noble cause, but it didn't work. As much as a lot of us may have hoped, it didn't and therefore wasn't very world-changing.

  • BlackLivesMatter CHANGED THE WORLD. No irony there. Say what you will on your opinions, but the events at Ferguson, and this hashtag that trailed with it is currently changing the world. One for four so far!

  • StopGamerGate CHANGED THE WORLD by just being a response to another hashtag that was a lot more influential (arguably not even world-changing).

  • TweetLikeANeuroTypical CHANGED THE WORLD by saying that people have mental disorders? Anyone who respects a doctor will know that these illnesses are valid (granted there are those in the world who don't), and the way that they did it was incredibly passive-aggressive. Saying "this is how normal people are as they point out that I have a mental illness". I mean was the point to say that the way Neurotypicals talked bothered them? In that case, is it just complaining? Regardless, it didn't really change the world, unless you count the fact that some people now know what Neurotypical/atypical is. Is this world-changing enough to warrant a spot in this article? Of course! These are all social justice hashtags! Fits in the category!

  • CancelColbert CHANGED THE WORLD by, according to the author, start conversations regarding the role of satire in activism. In fact a lot of these changes effect only activism and people's understanding of it. Which is great, because understanding activism makes it more effective, but does it warrant it being on a list claiming that it "CHANGED THE WORLD"? Oh and the Colbert Report wasn't cancelled. It couldn't even bring down a television show much less change the world. Although this is a direct quote from her.

That resulted in a whole lot of people taking a simple hashtag too seriously while telling others that they were taking a joke tweet too seriously. It was a bit of a mess.

Taking things too seriously? Social Justice Warriors? NEVER!

  • UmbrellaRevolution CHANGED THE WORLD! Again, no irony, it literally changed the world. Hong Kong's democracy and right to choose its leaders got destroyed and no one knew about it so the hashtag happened, everyone else learned about it, and change was made! That's 2!

  • AmINext CHANGED THE WORLD by telling the world of the plight of the Aboriginal Canadians even though people hadn't heard much about it. Out of Canada's 1.5 million people of Aboriginal identity, the article states about a thousand were murdered over the course of thirty years. Do some number crunching using the Murder rate of canada and you'll find that there is a difference and it doesn't favor Aboriginal folk. So there IS something worth fighting for, but did it CHANGE THE WORLD enough to make a difference. We'll have to wait for real numbers to come out, to decide, but we'll chalk it in as a maybe, only because for a movement made to bring attention to an issue such as this, I know I'd heard nothing of it. And considering how often I'm on reddit and tumblr alike, I suppose that may mean something. If y'all have heard of it, PLEASE correct me.

  • IfTheyGunnedMeDown CHANGED THE WORLD because it addressed a problem in the media that needed to be changed. I really wish that it did change it, I TRULY DID, but I feel like the way that television news won't be changing stuff like that any time soon. I SUPPOSE it brought people to the light of how crap most news sources are, but if you're spending enough time on Twitter and getting news from it, then you probably already know that.

  • WhyIStayed CHANGED THE WORLD by allowing abuse victims to be more vocal. According to the author, asking why the abused stayed leads to victim blaming. Asking why you stayed is moreso a step into understanding the perspective of the abused so kinda the opposite, buuuuuuuuuuuuut this isn't about the author. Apparently this one inspired public figures to tell their stories out in the open, which by domino effect inspires others to be open. This hashtag made people stop asking that darned question of Why He/She Stayed. Did it help abuse? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell if anything wouldn't it technically let the abused settle for less? Letting them justify the abuse and staying in it anyway? I mean, yeah, being open about it means that you're confident in the decision, but is it a decision to be confident about? If anything, it could be argued that this one's hurtful! If you're justifying staying in an abusive relationship, you will likely continue to get abused. And no one wants that for you! It isn't victim blaming! It's trying to help you so that you're not abused anymore! Well, that one went off on a tangent. Point is, didn't change much. Last one!

  • DudesGreetingDudes CHANGED THE WORLD by....oh jeez, really? You're listing THIS one as your big finisher? I mean I've already discussed how catcalling isn't too big of a problem, and yet you put TWO of them in your changing the world list? This one's arguably less of an impact! It's more of a comedy sketch! "Hey what would it be like if guys catcalled other guys?" "Idk man we can put it as a cutaway gag for the next Family Guy episode I guess". Change the world? Well:

Whether the tag actually helped to reduce street harassment is unclear, but one thing’s for sure—if any guy ever tries to tell you that catcalling is a compliment, you can now just direct them to #DudesGreetingDudes.

If I got directed here, I'd be confused. But that's likely because of that blasted penis I got.

In conclusion, I leave you all with her conclusion.

However, what’s not debatable is whether trending hashtags get the attention of mainstream media and, by extension, the general public.

I'd only heard of about half of these, and the mainstream media probably touched on two. Feel free to correct me on that if I'm wrong.

Would awareness of the events in Canada, Hong Kong, and Ferguson, Missouri, have skyrocketed without Twitter?

Valid points. I don't really have an argument.

Would anyone besides a select few know what “neurotypical” meant if it weren’t for the Internet?

Would anyone besides a select few know of the beauty of goatse if it weren't for the internet? And would letting the world know of this strictly change anything outside of the feelings of those with mental illness?

Would anyone be able to pretend to care about ethics in video game journalism without #GamerGate?

This list was of hashtags that changed the world, not hashtags that gave you an excuse to complain about others.

If awareness is useful, then so are hashtags—as long as public interest remains to fuel them.

Alright. It's 2AM, and this post is really damn long, so let me end it on this. Hashtags are listed as trending on Twitter. Would you like to guess why? Three guesses. Anybody? No? Okay, let me tell you. Because any hashtag brought up will be relevant as long as it is popular to make it relevant, and the relevance behind it will last for about two weeks at most, a few days on average. And we live in a society where trends die just as quickly as they come up. So "public interest" can definitely CHANGE THE WORLD by making people aware of what you're doing, but only to forget about it a couple days later. You know how many people tweeting #DudesBeingDudes today? 3. But that one aint serious. what about #WhyIStayed? A super serious topic with only 20 tweets today. #IfTheyGunnedMeDown has become a repost extravaganza of the same two pictures and don't even get me started on the Ice Bucket Challenge. Point is that Twitter change is going to be nothing but fleeting and insincere. If you can't possibly find a way to assist in your cause, then raising awareness is incredibly important, but it's better to feed the hungry than to #FeedTheHungry

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