(12-JAN) Design Discussion: Mid/Late Metagame Balance

my 2c after playing over 500 hours and over 7k hours in other games from this genre :

Infamy system :

  • Implement an idle kick so that people cant reduce infamy by going to bed and leaving their toon logged in naked.
  • Remove losing infamy if someone kills you, only time should deplete infamy/outlaw.
  • make it so you still get infamy from killing outlaws

Raiding :

Offline raiding is a big problem in other games, I have two suggestions on how to combat this in hurtworld...

  • one : keep c4 rare, but introduce a seige weapon as the main form of raiding that is very very loud and very very slow to use, ie something to bombard and hit a wall with that takes 10-15 minutes to break a single wall, the loudness will attract other people and make the raiders fight for that raid.

  • two : make c4 common to craft, BUT make bases immune to c4 outside of 'purge time'. Purge time would be a set time period once a day/ week or whatever during peak time. IE a time everyone knows is the time you can raid. This will make it so everyone can raid, but you are stuck in the dilemma of 'do i defend or go out raiding, do we split our group into two forces ... etc etc' Maybe even have an ingame alert when the first wall breaks 'Warning you base is being raided' for people who choose not to defend. This will basicly make it so during the majority of the time the game is how it plays now, people farm and build, and pvp outside their bases ... then purge time its all out war.

Cars :

  • remove all parts from cars when the server is wiped, make it so parts can only be obtained from looting crates.
  • make it so that in order to keep a chassis, you have to keep the parts on it... if it becomes a chassis and nothing else, eventually the frame will despawn and respawn elsewhere... to stop people hoarding all the frames on the map.

Loot crates :

  • make it so they all spawn in reachable locations

N00b biome :

  • Make it so you cant farm materials in the n00b biome if you have a gun and/or an upgraded axe/pickaxe on you. IE give an incentive to mid/late game players to move away from the n00b area and thus stop picking on unarmed players with their guns. There is always a few weak players who make large bases in the n00b area and then sit on their roof all day shooting fresh spawns cause they think its funny. Making these large bases would be a lot harder if you have to farm with the slow farming tools and cant run about shooting people.

Bases and farming :

  • nerf drills so that instead of them farming materials for you to use, they farm to 'upkeep' your base (so that your base decays i f a drill isnt active maintaining it)
  • remove the big grey rocks u can farm with dynamite, force people to go to the different areas for the resources (if drills are not nerfed, if they are nerfed and dont produce resource anymore and only upkeep a base, then no need to nerf grey rocks)
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