12th grade depression starterpack

Sixth Form depression starter pack:

-Nothing good has ever happened in my life. I have no good memories.

-Is there anything with inherent value or is all the good and beauty we perceive in the world just a result of our biological programming?

-Rousseau, Kaczynski, Nietzsche

-I'm only 18. Why am I going bald and why do I have erectile dysfunction?

-My body hasn't really developed since I was 15.

-This isn't what I thought being 18 would be like at all. I feel like my life is already over, not that it's just beginning.

-Starting to discard materialist, atheistic beliefs held as a younger teen.

-Starting to regret taking all these math classes.

-Hates his parents.

-I wonder if I'll ever finish that project I started working on when I was 15?

-Doesn't see the point of trying any more. Still manages to get decent grades.

-Internet is still in its infancy, so is unaware that there are lots of people out there who he can relate to. For now, he will continue feeling alienated and alone in his small town.

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