It's 13.10 o' clock, and I'm in the pub already drunk off my arse.

I went to a bar today. I had a fantastic caesar salad to start with followed by a parmesan prawn pasta bowl. Had a nice conversation with the bartender and another customer about sports and some popular tv shows, etc. After I finished up my meal a pair of old fellers bellied up to the bar next to me (apparently it was their corner of the bar, they were regulars). It became apparent rather quickly that the bigger guy was a cranky yank. He was telling his friend about a woman at the gas station that took too long in line ahead of him... they had some kind of confrontation and he asked her if she had her midol that day, insinuating that she was on her period, I guess. He was complaining about the "stupid bowl" tomorrow and the basketball game that was about to start on the television there. He was obviously racist and was making comments about the players and looking for the white guy and said "oh theres one, he's wearing a suit". He didn't even notice that the Rockets players had Chinese characters on their jerseys, I thought about pointing that out just to get a rise but I restrained myself. The two of them made some comments about Democrats and I said facetiously "I bet you guys are big Bernie Sanders supporters" and the big one sort of jokingly threatened my life. Although I could tell we didn't agree on certain things I talked with him a bit about whatever we could agree on as I finished my beer. Some other guys sat down next to my other side and they both had full beards, the cranky yank was criticizing their beards (to me not to them) calling their beards unnecessary for the climate and said they should trim them, and complimented me on my trimmed mustache and tiny beard which I found hilarious. One of the bearded fellows raised his hand to point at something, revealing a large pink floyd dark side of the moon rainbow tattoo and the cranky yank said something about "haven't seen her in here before" which I assume meant he misinterpreted the rainbow tattoo for a gay thing, which I just ignored.

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