14-year-old could face life as sex offender for sex with 12-year-old girlfriend

Because if we can convince children to do what we tell them instead of what nature intends, we can convince adults to do what we tell them instead of what is obviously correct.

Religion has always been about taking control of people, by taking control of the three most basic and undeniable human instincts.

The fear of death (self preservation) "Do as we say and you live forever"

The compulsion to reproduce via sexual activity "You will not perform sexual acts with each other unless we have given you permission."

The compulsion to seek safety in numbers (socialization) "You have refused to do what we say so no one will speak to you anymore (excommunication)".

By training people to do as they are told instead of what comes natural even against all reason from an early age, you can mold a persons mind into something more suggestible. To be controlled.

It's not just religion. Governments do this too.

Case in point. I'm taking a risk just posting this. The hysteria surrounding the topic of child sexuality is such that even though we know every single one of us started to touch ourselves and others in sexual ways around the age of 11, not a single one of us wants to publicly admit our OWN SHARED EXPERIENCE for fear of being labeled and socially outcast.

So I guess we are under control.

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