15 Migrants Killed Trying To Get From France to Britain

I really don't understand why leftards want us to feel sorry for these people? They've traveled from one continent to another, in ridiculously dangerous conditions, all in order to mooch of our economies. Funnily enough, before we ended up tearing eachother apart in the great wars, the nations of Europe seemed to do pretty well without an influx of diversity and enrichment. I see it this way. One day, if I had the capital, I'd love to buy a little place in Germany or Italy or Austria - I never will have the money, but it's a lovely fault. But.. None of these countries are obligated to take me. None of these countries owe me anything. First and foremost, these states must look after their own people first. Would it hurt my precious little feelings If I couldn't just plop down some sticks and have a cheeky place in the Austrian alps? Sure. I'm human. But that's life, it really is. A nation must be looked after. Not preserved or fossilised, but protected from unnecessary harm. Nations take a long, long time to develop - they're very precious; and yet we're all marching forth to destroy them. It's silly. I wouldn't even mind so much, if it were just Europeans who came to England. I'd actually probably just accept it. At the end of the day, the children will be as English as I am. But the third world? Do we really need to import the third world? Do they actually contribute anything of proportional significance to civilisation? These people through off the British and French Empires, and then subsequently messed it all up. We owe them nothing.

I was in Italy a few years back, my second holiday abroad to be honest - but then money's always been tight. I have to say, it was absolutely brilliant. I only went to Rome, but I loved it. The food, the architecture - seriously, the Pantheon! But everywhere - and I mean everywhere, aggressive, pushy Africans, trying to sell nonsense. Why does Italy owe these people refuge? It doesn't. Why does Greece owe the ridiculous amounts of third worlders who've broken into their house? It does not, at all. We owe nothing to these countries or their people. Gosh, if only Mrs Le Pen could get in and sort this nonsense out.

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