15 push-ups?

Haha. Downvote away, high-speed, obviously I struck a nerve. I guess it wasn't the points after all.

Don't worry, there's plenty of dudes like you in the Army, just clocking your time, feeling like king-shit as the senior Specialist trying to punk out the fresh Privates in the smoke-pit. I had a lot of those types looking at me super-saltily when I went to the E-5 board in Iraq 2011 at like 2-1/2 years TIS, pinned Corporal, and then Sgt about seven months later when points dropped. Became a Drill a couple years after that.

Hey, it's whatever, you served honorably, which is all that matters, and experiences vary in every mos/unit. I still love you like a brother simply because you had the nuts to raise your right hand and wear the uniform.


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