15 year or 30 year mortgage?

Thanks but my DTI was like 3% with the 30 and moved to maybe 3.5% with the 15 (difference was 200/ month). I appreciate your input here but I have a BS in finance and an MBA. I also have multiple certifications and credentials specific to the investment management industry and the financial planning industry - this includes licenses to sell securities and provide investment advice. While I agree with your general premise that “there’s always money to be made” I don’t think that my plan involves having a mortgage payment when I’m 55 or 60. With my current plan I’ll be debt free by 44 (13 years from now). And on the point of paying back low interest debt as a step above a savings account is hot garbage advice. The biggest risk to a successful retirement plan is having a mortgage payment during retirement. Please don’t act like your “risk on” form of personal finance is a good idea or advisable for the general public to endeavor down that road.

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