15 years ago today we lost a good friend. May you rest in peace John Spencer.

They also started the dramatic arc of Santos making a comeback after the nuclear meltdown and then the tension on Vinick's campaign as they struggled to contain Santos's surge. I theorize that Vinick MAY have been the favorite to win when the writers thought that they'd get an 8th season and wanted to refresh but that's really it.

I get that shit happens and Vinick winning would've been plausible but it seems like a narrative meltdown if Santos makes this late rally and still comes up short. I'm not sure that a show in its final season would let something associated with so many of its main protagonists (Josh, Leo, Donna) take a loss like that so close to the end.

Let's say Vinick wins, what do the transition episodes look like? At least Santos winning gave us a nice way to wrap up the story arcs for so much of the main cast.

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