I [15F] am feeling neglected by my Dad [43M] since my baby sister was born. Advice?

Your dad is both right and wrong...

He is right that you should not blame the baby. Not only did the baby have no say in the situation but if you make the baby the subject of your concerns your parents will likely feel compelled to defend the baby and this just derails any conversation.

He is wrong to not take your feelings seriously.

You don't have a baby sibling problem, you have a dad problem and if you make this about choosing one child over the other you will not win. Not because anyone loves one child more than the other but because you are nearing adulthood while the baby depends on them for everything.

None of what you are feeling is unusual at all. It's very common for an only child to feel this way when they later have siblings. Your emotions are valid. Having that experience just as you enter your teenage years can make it doubly confusing as a good parent should seek to make their child less dependent on them and ready to face the world during this time but in this context being trusted can look like being ignored.

When you talk to your dad make the conversation about your relationship with him as that is the issue. The baby isn't going anywhere and making this about them will get you nowhere and even if you're feeling jealous it's not the baby that is responsible for that.

This isn't about favorites as much as it is about needs. Your dad screwed up by forgetting to pick you up and snapping at you. You deserve an apology but should also understand that a 2yo is equal parts joy and unbearable stress. You won't die if dad forgets something but baby will. That doesn't make what he did ok but it's important to recognize that as much as you feel your dad doesn't understand you and what you're going through you don't have the context to fully put yourself in his shoes and understand either.

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