I (15M) am about to report a group of girls who have been assaulting me for the past 2 years.

Good luck to you! The same thing happened to me (16F) but not a group of popular guys but one of them always kept harassing me for no fckin reason since junior year in high school.He tried groping me every chance he'd get. My friends told me that it's normal for guys to do that. I don't speak to them anymore. He'd throw my lunch in the bin for being in his way and because I'm tall,bully me for my "manly legs". One day,near the end of junior year,he hit me with his football helmet for being in his way and told his buddies I slept with the chemistry teacher. It was horrible. But I reported him to local police department for abuse and he's changed schools since then. No mention of his name heard. My school authorities called me once to talk about it and didn't let the matter spread further in school. In a way,they did sweep it under the rug but I'm grateful I don't have to be near him anymore. They actually subtly mentioned that they'd lost a great football Player and that they would have helped me settle the situation. I highly doubt that. I wanted to report his friends as well for not stopping him and laughing off every sick joke he made about me but I thought it'd be too much. I still have some marks on my left leg from that one time he intentionally spilled piping hot tea on my leg. Be strong! They have no power over you if you speak out to the highest authority.

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