The 16" MacBook Pro is Special - ft. Phil Schiller!

Jesus fuck. Look in the mirror. Have some self-awareness. I've had multiple people now either reply to me here or message me telling me to avoid you, since you're a troll.

Lol yeah people tend to freak out when someone takes a positive stance on removing the headphone jack.

I assure you there is no trolling. That’s what is sad about this conversation. People are pretty emotionally attached to it and if you think it’s a waste of space (it is) you are a troll. It’s insane. Literally.

For the last time: I wasn't talking about only audiophiles, so your 99% number is completely meaningless here. You can keep repeating it all you want, it has no bearing on what I actually said.

Yeah I said 99% of people don’t care about sound quality. Pretty simple right?

They aren’t audiophiles. They don’t have a strong opinion about audio quality.

In other words, they are average consumers.

And that is the 99%. And so at the end of the day, 99% of people are fine with sounds good enough. Which you also corroborated when you mentioned people listening to pandora and most not caring about sound quality.

So I’m just not sure where the confusion is for you.

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