16-year-old boy charged in Ohio quadruple homicide

Well I don't think in black and white like our tribal ancestors did for one. Your immediate reaction to something so terrible is to look for retribution. 40 years to life ooooh he deserves that. Let's all call for maximum punishment because the crime was so terrible. And let's all arrive at this conclusion before we actually know any details about the crime or the events leading to it, the victims, or the offender.

After all, a 16 year old is the same as a 30 year old when he does something terrible /s. Doing something reaalllly bad obviously teleports a teen into adulthood.

This may seem hard to grasp, but you know all the stupid shit you did when you were 16? Yeah that reality also happens to apply to terrible acts of murder. A 16 year old does not perceive reality as an adult, period. This is an empirical, well-demonstrated fact. The road to thinking murder is a "good idea" is much shorter for a kid.

Again you and the people who think like you demonstrate fallacious thinking. You equate rational and appropriate responses to this crime as bleeding heart tear-shedding. Nobody needs to feel bad for the kid to know the right tools for the job are not being used.

If I saw somebody trying to hammer in a screw or screw in a nail I wouldn't cry for the nail. I would simply say, hey you know there's a better solution right?

The sad fact is, the majority of people can't grasp complex realities like this. They only know what they've been molded to think is normal and correct. And trying to explain it ends up with people (who can't comprehend the validity of your statement) taking it upon themselves to frame your argument in their thought process.

So finally to answer your question, nowhere in my post did I tell you it was unethical to give a murderer 40 to life or that you should shed a tear for the kid who killed 4 people if he ends up being sentenced as an adult. You, due to not really knowing how the system works or the the psychology of criminal behavior works, decided to say that for me; because my argument "did not compute" so that must have been what I meant.

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