The 164 white shoes outside the Capitol, honor the nurses who have lost their lives to COVID-19

School workers are absolutely more at risk than other types of work SMH. I worked 8 years in an elementary school. I’ve been spat on, vomited on, peed on, pooped on, sneezed on, licked, bitten, bled on, had snot rubbed on me the list goes on. People who work in schools get sick way more often than other types of work in general. School workers do not have jobs like everyone else. We deal with children who often do not know or understand personal hygiene and the spread of germs. When it comes to this disease teachers are way more at risk of becoming infected even with masks and hand washing. When teachers get sick, then what? Then what do schools do with a class of 30 unsupervised elementary schoolers? You think there’s going to be a long line of qualified substitute teachers ready and willing to take jobs in classrooms where the teacher is recently out due to catching covid from their students? Not likely. And if kids parents felt comfortable returning back to work because they thought their kids would be in school who’s gonna take care of the kids then? Other jobs don’t have to deal with problems like that. There needs to be extreme caution before reopening and a well developed plan when the time comes. Restarting school while the virus is still growing will create a massively dangerous situation for everyone involved. Saying teachers should just wear masks and wash their hands like everyone else and not live in fear is not thoughtful, helpful or practical advice in this specific situation. It’s certainly more complex than that.

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