The 167th Weekly Stupid Questions Thread

Tree would actually have to back down occasionally to use a tango or a salve.

Occasionally? More like rarely if ever. And it takes a couple seconds to use a tango. That's maybe a couple of last hits for Techies and given that Techies base damage is such garbage he'll be lucky to get a last hit or two in that time, let alone "catch up".

Tree's MMR isn't that relevant here

Yeah it's not. Only the hero stats are relevant. We're talking about a Tree who hits for 85 average damage. Get a QB and that's easily over 100. On the other hand Techies hits for 30. We're literally talking about the highest base damage hero vs the lowest base damage hero. Techies is going to get absolutely shit on in terms of LH and denies. Tree can do whatever he wants in lane, especially with proper creep aggro and management.

The other thing techies can do is force tree to choose between LH and denying by making sure the two lowest-health creeps on both sides are close to the same health.

Is this a joke? Tree hits 3 times harder than Techies. The tree can make sure this doesn't ever happen.

get harassed to the point of backing out for regen

Lowest starting damage hero in the game is going to be tickling Tree in lane, especially if Tree just gets a stout shield.

get kited when he tries to punch Techies

Do you even know what their base movement speeds are? In addition to being the weakest hero in terms of starting base damage, Techies is also the slowest with 270ms. Tree has 30 more ms than Techies. He'll easily be able to walk up to Techies and hit him. It doesn't even matter if Techies gets 2 hits for every 1 hit Tree gets, because Tree's right-clicks hurt way more.

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