18 (F) Christian, in a relationship - jerking off a married friend from church while his wife watched xo

I'm not the one telling over 20 women that they're trash for literally no reason.

I'm not a virgin, I'm not a white knight, I'm just calling an asshole an asshole.

You're a sad, pathetic loser who can only find joy by going around calling people ugly whores because something recently happened in your life to make you hate women.

Well, that's not true. You don't hate women. You hate something else and you're projecting it towards all women.

So that means you most likely got dumped and are insulting and harassing women online as a way to unhealthily cope with your breakup.

And if it's not that, well...then it just means you're just another pathetic loser of an incel who blames everyone but themselves for their own problems.

So, I kinda hope it's the first one because at least you can fix and get over that, the second you really can't.

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