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My name is Robert, Los Angeles, 40, and honestly I'm married and living a lonely existence at home so I'm trying to reestablish my life online where I can come to find a young girl with similar desires looking to share mutually beneficial experiences or random acts. I am an experienced, patient man and very interested and willing to answer any questions or help guide, teach and help you with any insecurities. I have a great job and a wonderful life, I'm basically just going through it alone and miss those days very much. I have a successful career, so life is amazing but just someone to share it with.

A little about me. I'm 40, but don't look my age. I am 6' 0", 160 lbs, stuble, brown eyes and hair with some grey mixed in. Hairy chest, broad shoulders and slender frame. I am back in the day I used to have a six pack. I keep fit by working on my feet, surfing, riding my bike, skiing, hiking and playing tennis with my friends.  I'm 420 friendly, scotch, beer, comfort food, rock and roll and horror movies.

http://imgur.com/42FPtCS http://imgur.com/a/zPHZu

Originally from New York, I moved to Los Angeles, 15 years ago. I am a documentary filmmaker and quite enjoy what I do. I've been fortunate to travel all over the world because of work, and experience many different sights, people and cultures. I basically interview people for a living which works out well because I'm a very curious person. I work a lot, but love my job so it's not all bad. That being said, I would never say the statement, 'work hard, play hard,' that to me is the biggest douchebag statement in the world and I fucking hate it.

I am mostly looking for a connection, passion with a girl, an emotional and sexual dynamic we can explore together. It would be pleasure to help you become the woman you deserve to beaq. I'm a writer with an active imagination with a have curious personality so I love to chat and adept at writing as well. That is another appeal to meeting people online - getting to know a wide variety of interesting people, their history, culture and their various sexual kinks and fantasies. 

I'm sure you'll be inundated with messages, but if you find the time to respond to this message, you will not regret it. Once again, if you are not interested, maybe we can just talk regardless.

I look forward to hearing from you soon... Best,  Robert Kik / Skype cbobbygo

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