In 18 hours from now one of the biggest Gaming-Charity-Marathons called AGDQ will start, where Speedrunners will run a lot of Games to support the Prevent Cancer Fundation.

PCF - Prevent Cancer Foundation is the charity (you could nearly call it a business) that all the money raised during AGDQ will be given to. I suggest not donating any money to AGDQ but instead any money you were going to donate, donate to a different charity that doesn't use your money to pay off employees and the owner. Your money will be put to a lot better use and hopefully AGDQ will find a different charity to donate to next year.

Here's why:

13 people are being paid by PCF

the amount they are paid is a little bit under 14% (1:7 ratio) of however much is donated (and via subscribers)

TLDR: "volunteers" are being paid thousands by PCF for helping with the marathon (excluding the wage salary Mike receives directly, which is likely over $100,000)

900 people are attending the event

admission fee was $50 for first 700 and $60 for last 200 (~$47,000)

all of this money is going to Games Done Quick LLC

none of this money is going toward venue or promotions

all advertising revenue during the stream will also go to Games Done Quick LLC (ballpark estimate $15,000)

TLDR: $60,000 or more is going to "equipment"

Mike first said he was sick on October 24th It's January and he's still "sick" this is his full-time job

FACT: The President of PCF made $277,589 in 2013 (2014 info not yet available)

FACT: 1/6 of PCF's income comes from GDQs

FACT: Only $80k was needed by PCF for a "research grant" but that was later changed to $250k because they got more money than they expected.

The PCF Breakdown:

35% goes toward educational material like the "Check Your Mate" posters ,22% goes to funding researchers ($250,000 went to Maarten Bosland, D.VSC., PH.D.) ,19% goes toward "Community Outreach" ,16% goes toward "Fundraising" (which includes money spent paying "volunteers") ,8% goes toward the Management and "general expenses"

FACT: MSF (Doctor's Without Borders) puts 87.4% toward medical supplies and aid for people who actually need it.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Do not donate to PCF, support changing charities next AGDQ, spread this information, fact check all of this and correct me if any information is inaccurate.

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