18 Year Old With Bedtime

Story time. I have a best friend we will call her Stacy. Stacy is going to be 25 next weekend and her curfew is 1am. Stacy graduated with a bachelors in forensics science and has a job as a 911 operator. She lives at home with her mother and her 31year old sister who also has a bed time. Point to the story from the age of 18- 22 while she was in college she had to be home in bed by 10pm and she thanks her mother for that. Because it can become chaotic trying to keep up with other freshman with parties and studies. It gave Stacy the time to rest and to be mindful of her time. I’m not saying it’s not a pain in the ass but it could be helpful. I know you may not like it now but it may help establish a balance In the long run.

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