18M introvert here. Being an introverted teenager is hard.

That sucks dude. I'm not sure exactly where my personality stands but the only thing that has stayed constant in the last few years is the introverted part, so I know how you feel. I just turned twenty so I'm in a similar place. Making real, close friends in college can be hard. Most of the ways to meet lots of people are more geared towards extroverts. Just because it's easy to meet people doesn't mean it's easy to meet people you like. Once you find a few people you can talk too without too many other distractions it's good, though. Too be completely honest, I spent a lot of my freshman year cooped up in my room. At one point, I watched 10 movies in one week, and I loved every second of it. I've now been with my boyfriend for just over a year, and I'm not sure about most of the specifics of where his personality would lie (as with me, it's changeable. I think everyone is, to a certain extent. In my case, most of the times I've taken the test, the only field in which I'm not almost exactly in the middle is my introversion), but he is most certainly veeeery extroverted. Yeah, we deal with things differently. We have different reactions to struggles and successes. The nice thing about our differences, though, is that we can have fun alone together, and when we go out I don't feel alone, and he gets to recharge his energy the way he likes to. I can go to his friends' place with him sometimes, and other times he can go on his own and I can stay home. We can do whatever we each need to have a good time, then reconvene and have a good time together. Also, that means whenever one of us is struggling, the other forces them to deal with it in a way that may not be the most comfortable in the moment but ends up being beneficial. Of course, this requires understanding of personality types on both sides, which comes with time and communication. But there is no reason it can't work. It may not be for everybody, but it works for me, and if you're happy, then cherish that it does for you too!

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