Do you [18M] tell someone you love [18 F] how you feel, if you already know how they do?

Here's the thing.... My love life is kinda like fishing.

I'll see a fish in the water, cast my line, and wait. Even if the bells are ringing, the pole is swinging and the fish is clinging, I need solid proof that the fish is firmly attached to my hook to be convinced to reel it in.

IN other words, no clue. Hell, even if I do ask to be friends, which I probably won't anyways, we are going to two different states for college, me 8 years, her, probably 4, so what are the chances we will see each other in that amount of time anyways?

I do recall 2-4 incidences that may indicate she likes me back. 1: She randomly walked up to me, told me her friend Daniel hugged her (no relationship potential there for sure anyways) and I sort of looked at her like.....ok? She may or may not have been trying to make me jealous or something.

2: She was selling chocolate for charity, and I gave her a dollar and told her to keep the chocolate for herself, or a friend. I get to home room and one of my close friend told me that she was looking through the girls' best friends phone, and saw a text from the girl to her BF that went along the lines of "Aw35omeAnth0ny is so nice, he gave me a dollar for my charity and told me to keep the chocolate :):):)" (I was told multiple smileys were used

3: talking to a friend who I was told the girl hates after I started to avoid the girl after I found out she knew how I felt, and she started talking to me after not having talked for a WHILE (possible jealousy?)

4: the time that she decided to sit with me instead of her BF as described earlier.

it's just that we haven't talked in a long while because I've been avoiding her, which I now realize is the stupidest thing I could've done. I just want to explain why we haven't talked in so long. I might just be crazy, I don't know. I just really like this girl and feel like I'm trying justify how I feel. It's just one of those unexplainable things you know? It's like, there are so many girls out there, even ones that I'm probably way more compatible with, it's just, there is something about HER. (P.s. I felt really creepy writing that last line....)

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