19 [F4M] Wisconsin

Hey, I saw your post on r4r and had a bit of a rollercoaster response (sorry for the length or any motion sickness it may cause):

When I saw that you were around my age the rollercoaster started it's ascent, when I saw we were from the same state it started speeding up, and when I saw you were a passionate writer (I love to write when I can get the motivation to) the roller coaster peaked... Then I saw you were a Packers fan and the roller coaster plummeted down at full speed, twisting and turning at my varying thoughts about it: On the one hand I'm a lifelong and die hard Vikings fan (SKÅL), but on the other hand I have many good friends that are Packer fans and they're all great people who have been led astray lol. There were twists and turns while you listed your writing credentials, and a loop de loop circling your good taste in music and another little peak when you said "baking" before pulling back into the station.

All and all I only threw up once (I wasn't joking about the motion sickness lol), but I am still excited to get to know you, hopefully my rambling, 3am rollercoaster analogy doesn't scare you away, cause you genuinely seem like an interesting person. I'd love to hear back from you.

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