19 improvements that will make Rocket league a top 5 Steam game (2.5K+ hours, lifelong gamer, gamedev, inspired by FLuuMP video)

> 2. We get lots of free stuff already. For free credits, it must only be for completed matches only (without going afk - a minimum score and no own-goals). But ultimately that would be penalizing occasional players in order to reward addicts who don't have a real-life job/school to go to.

> 3. A lot of work that does not generate any extra demand and therefore no extra credit sales. They would probably rather scrap all trading and just force us all to use the Shop only - much easier.

  1. A dedicated Car Preview screen that has standard neutral lighting, Boost+Trail active, shows all items with color/cert/SE attributes, and has celebration practice.

  2. Check IP addresses (?) and clamp down on people who clearly swap accounts all season in order to rank up their weakest mate. I don't care if I face a C2+G3 party, but when the G3 is freestyling all match, and the C2 can't aerial or hit the ball, you know the matchmaking is being ****ed with.

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