190821 BigHit are planning to implement the raffle system for foreign concerts as well

The only way I can see the raffling system working in Western concert culture is if BigHit only raffled off the Soundcheck experience to fan club members. So for example both fan club members and the general public could purchase any seat (floor or stadium) and any quantity (within the given limit) they want but then the soundcheck experience would only be accessible through fan club raffle. So a fan club member who purchased an upper level concourse ticket could enter the raffle for a chance to attend the soundcheck. So soundcheck wouldn't be limited to floor seat ticket holders. Then bight could limit one soundcheck experience ticket per fan club member. I think this is the only fair way of implementing a raffling system in an already deeply established western concert culture.

The current Korean and Japanese fan club ticket raffling system is complete bullshit. Fans are being exploited for money. This system excludes casual fans who just want to attend a concert and prevents friends and family from experiencing a concert together. This would not fly in western culture. The fact that you have to pay a membership for the chance of maybe purchasing a concert ticket for a random seat you can't even choose is complete garbage. It would be a poor business move for BigHit to implement the current Korean and Japanese raffling system in a western market. Its going to piss a lot of people off.

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