1913 Ford Model T

I like to use grids and used a grid for this photo- is this off limits? That's how I was taught to draw all throughout school...

Your comment bothered me much more than it should have; probably because it's very belittling. I ended up comparing my drawing to the original picture. What I drew has a lot of inconsistencies with the original. It's close because I used grids to try to get the correct sizes and placement, but not perfect like a tracing would be.

Not that it really matters to you - but to demonstrate the differences, I went ahead and traced the outline of my drawing and placed it on top of the original picture (with the background erased): http://i.imgur.com/pxH4gB5.png

If viewing as if you were sitting in the car: -Front left wheel slightly smaller & not the correct shape; rims & spokes do not match up -Front left fender angle extends slightly further and juts upward on horizontal plane and dips into a lower angle when connecting to running board -Front right rim and spokes don't match up -Missing front right fender completely -Front right headlamp larger -Grill & hood ornament pushed forward -Left headlamp near windshield is slightly larger -Shape of the cab is off; highlights in wrong place -Missing door handle -Running board is wider and connects to rear fender at the wrong angle -Left rear fender slightly larger -Left rear rim (white) takes up nearly the entire tire - meaning the tire is too thin -Back of the cab ("trunk") juts upward -Lower part of windshield is at the wrong angle -Supporting poles for the convertible top are wrongly placed and/or at the wrong angle -backseat pushed up (larger) -Convertible top much larger -Window in convertible top doesn't match up (higher, smaller, wrong angle) and probably others that I missed...

Tens of thousands of drawings are way more photorealistic and accurate than mine. Take this for example: https://www.reddit.com/r/Art/comments/40x0cg/blonde_chick_digital_4k/

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