In 1984 a group of Australian Aboriginal people living a traditional nomadic life were encountered in the heart of the Gibson desert in Western Australia. They had been unaware of the arrival of Europeans on the continent, let alone cars - or even clothes.

What proof is there that our society will survive long enough to reach a point of technological sophistication where getting to another planet is actually possible? What proof is there that our society will actually take us there? That we will ultimately be better off there?

I just said that a hunter gather always leads to extinction without outside intervention, which is true. I never said that life on Earth will ever be able to make it to another planet for sure, I was saying that it opens up the possibility. A hunter gather lifestyle does not open up that possibility.

I think that it is a real possibility that an intelligence explosion of artificial intelligence, which leads to entities far more intelligent than any human could set up space colonies a lot faster than we ever could by ourselves. An AI intelligence explosion would be such a radical change to society that it would be akin to outside intervention. You can't get to that point without an advance technological civilization though.

Sorry but I think you've missed the point. The goal you've set is... well, what you set. Something you value, something you think is important, and based not on empirical proof or cosmic law but rather your own assessment of a system you already support, you've decided that goal is achievable.

What is your goal and why should I value it more than colonizing space?

Why just recently a movie (Interstellar) tackled exactly this issue and ultimately concludes that there is no way our society could save itself...without outside intervention.

I saw Interstellar, but I did not walk away with the conclusion there is no way society could save itself without outside intervention. Even if it was saying that, why should I take the movie Interstellar to be an authority on the issue?

All life will go extinct in the end.

Now you're making the claim that all life must go extinct eventually? You must know a whole lot about everything to know that for sure.

In reality, we certainly don't know at this point if technology can be developed to escape the death of the universe.

Some would say that a short life lived fully is better than a miserable life that is long. Others would suggest that hastening the approach of your extinction by virtue of a blind faith that your ideology will save you in the end is suicidal, not a path to longer life.

I think your looking at the wrong person when you make that accusation. I never said that it is a foregone conclusion that we will make it to another planet, and I also didn't suggest doing anything to destroy the planet. If you want to point the finger at people destroying the planet, point it at the fossil fuel industry and people having kids.

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