(1989) Me, age 4, so stoked for a Ghostbusters toy from my mom that I went full derp.

I mean...who-the-fuck thinks it's a good idea to give kids books that aren't even enjoyable to read, though?

You were "brainy" but that doesn't mean you were gonna enjoy reference books, for god's sake! (And you'd even asked by name for something else! Which she then gave to your brother!) WTF...

That reminds me of the time I got one "big" gift--a scooter--for a holiday and my relative got what seemed like every fucking Transformer in the store (FWIW I didn't want them, but still).

In my mind's eye now, he had a stack as tall as he was sitting on the floor, with package after package to open, and I had one!

And his mom--who had shopped for both of us--said, "but his stuff was on sale! And it was about the same as the scooter!"

Like, no dice, lady; that still sucked.

I wonder sometimes at the rationalizing adults do when they do shit like this... :/

Maybe his brother was just the dumb one.

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