In 1990 a bee learned to clone herself - now her army of millions threaten other species

The article wasn't shit at all. (emphasis mine)

Many forms of social insects are able to reproduce asexually, creating female offspring from unfertilised eggs using two of four chromosomes replicated from their parents.

This is what happens in regular non-queen drone only reproduction.

Because only two chromosomes are passed on and no new genetic material can be introduced to the next generation, every time a worker bee reproduces in this way the species loses about a third of its genetic material.

This causes the death of the hive, because genetic information gets lost and is no new material is introduced.

This is why most social insects depend on a queen for their reproduction, retaining the genetic diversity of the colony which is constituted of insects that are related.

This is averted by the queen, because the lost genetic information is replenished.

But a new study has discovered that mutation in Cape honey bee workers is allowing them to pass on all of the genetic information from the four chromosomes from their parents, enabling the subspecies to clone itself for decades - although at the cost of genetic diversity.

The mutation prevents the loss of genetic information, allowing the drones to create new drones without loss of genetic information.

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