In 1994 my elementary school matched us up with a pen pal in another state. For Christmas of that year I received this ornament from my pen pal. Even though we have not written since then, this ornament has made its way onto my Christmas tree every year for the past 24 years. Merry Christmas Brian!

Let me tell you about Eddie and Brian, they were not besties. In fact, they could barely stand each other. Our teacher would occasionally prod them to be more cordial to each other. I remember one week teacher was letting us watch the Simpsons in class and teachers favorite "adult" show "Northern Exposure" she had a thing for "Chris" the DJ on KBHR. Anyway, Eddie bet Brian 25 cents that he could make a better Christmas ornament. That started the great macaroni ornament challenge of 1994. Brian was an "elbow" macaroni man and Eddie was a spaghetti guy. In fact, we called him "Eddie Spaghetti" you should have seen Eddie's ornament. It looked like a bird built a golden nest on an Angel's ass. Poor little Angie ended up with that monstrosity. I wonder if she still hangs Eddies ornament on her tree every year? The teacher let the class vote on Brian and Eddie's ornaments to which would win the coveted 25 cent prize. Eddie, the OP won for best comedic effect. Brian did get an honorable mention for the best use of Elbow Mac. We all enjoyed the Simpsons that week and the teacher smiled a lot at Chris the DJ.

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