1999 C5 Corvette- Nice price or crack pipe?

I visited the dealer and they wouldn't let me drive it. They said it was a "see car", meaning you buy it as is and whatever's wrong with it you have to deal with.

As a dude that irresponsibly purchased a C5 at 20 years old, fuck that.

I bought as is from a shady used car dealer. But they gave me plenty of time to go through it. I did a pull through 3rd, blasted the A/C, checked all window/hatch switches, etc. It wasn't perfect, but it made me infinitely more comfortable in making a financial commitment that was absurd at the time.

TLDR: It seems you're stretching to afford a car in this price point. Do not compromise in your due diligence. You can ruin yourself for years financially trying to get a toy a couple weeks earlier.

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