I (19F) dated a girl (26F) for a month and then broke it off. I think the same girl and my dad (40sM) are now dating

He should still know all the facts. One of which is that GF slept with your daughter. Second thing is that while dating daughter did tell GF that her dad was into the same obscure thing and possibly knew what he looked like as she posted pics with him on Snapchat. Did the GF do this on purpose or was it one big coincidence? No idea but dad should know these things and the sooner the better. This isn’t something that should come out 5 years later because if it’s a problem then it’ll just be worse of one then than now. If it’s not a problem now then no harm done.

I’m a big fan of knowing everything I need to know to make the best decision for myself. Sometimes life makes things weird but I’d rather know upfront than years down the line.

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