I [19F] and my SO [20M] have had a strong relationship of 4 years, but all foreplay & sex have ceased to exist for basically the past year

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Y'all make very valid points.

His religious background is somewhat confusing. His parents are religious and are very involved in their church. They go (him too when he's home) almost every Sunday and any extra day they have service. Me, on the other hand, am not very religious at all. I believe there's something out there but I don't connect with anything specific. I have shared this with him and he says he's pretty much on the same boat. He goes to church to make his parents happy and to see his friends, but he doesn't really make a connection while he's there. Or so he says? His stance on sex may stem from that, but I just don't know because he says he doesn't really believe but he's grown up in the church life. Could he really be saying for all this time that he doesn't connect just because I don't? His stance on sex is basically you find the person you love and you make love to them, and that person is the person you should ultimately marry. He really is a committed, one girl kind of guy.

Also, for months and months, he has had a lot of trouble lately with his constipation (he will be so mad at me if he ever sees this). He tries to eat lots of fiber and dairy products but those seem to not do much for him. He drinks Metamucil which seems to help him the best, but he still continues to have problems. I have done lots of research on constipation because I know (I'm a nursing student) that in the long run very bad scenarios can play out, such as cancer or his colon erupting. From my research, I have also learned that hormonal imbalance can cause constipation, and that may also be the culprit for his low sex drive. I have been pestering him about going to the doctor since this has started to occur, but he doesn't think it's a big deal. Maybe if I can convince him there may be two problems now (with his hormone levels & constipation) he'll take me more seriously and actually go.

Hopefully I'll answer any other questions in this next part. We're together as much as we possibly can. We love our time together and have so much fun, and somehow we have not gotten tired of each other's constant company yet. We're from the same town and live about 2 minutes away from each other. When we're home from our schools we see each other every day for at least a couple hours. We go to two different schools that are only about an hour and a half away from each other. It's not hard to see each other on the weekends as we both have our cars at school with us. We try to see each other about every two weeks, but sometimes it's weekly if one of us has a big football game or something else going on at school. We text or call each other casually throughout the days. We're extremely close.

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