I [19M] have been with my girlfriend [18F] for 3 years now. Very recently, last 2 months or so, we’ve begun having sex regularly. I’m not so sure I love her anymore.

Half of this is great advice and half of it is complete garbage.

Yes, you absolutely need to talk to her about.the changes you've noticed in her. Any medical that has sudden effects aren't necessarily bad though. That said, these changes aren't insane, they aren't inherently bad, so the advice "get off of birth control or break up" isn't the best.

The choice to take both control or not belongs to the person who is using it. She has the give whether or not to take birth control pills, IUD, condoms, etc. You can break up with her because you disagree, but you don't get to tell her flat out that she can't take it. Same goes for you.

It sounds like she had a lot of anxiety around becoming pregnant. Now that she's on a medication that makes that unlikely to happen she's suddenly embracing her sexuality and wants to have sex with you. Yes, she's a little much. OP, you need to have a real conversion with her about this stuff.

The age definitely plays a factor here. She's young and wants sex, and media conditions women to believe if they are even moderately attractive a man saying no to sex just isn't a thing. Obviously that's wrong and she'll learn it eventually, but you need to gently tell her that you can't always be available for sex - you have feelings and stresses and whatever else that have you not in the mood at times and that it has absolutely nothing to do with how attracted you are to her.

Next, and this advice goes for anything to do with dealing with a significant other who is mentally ill - don't assume she's going to spiral. Give her the benefit of the doubt. Have you ever tried having this conversation at a neutral time and place and calmly discussing it, rather than trying when she's already upset? As a woman with OCD myself I find it incredibly infuriating and it definitely escalates any situation when my SO makes assumptions like this.

Final thing I noticed is your use of dominant and humble OP. These words are not opposite of each other. One can be completely humble and still dominant. If you prefer someone more submissive that's fine. I don't think asking your girlfriend to become more submissive again is fair though. She's growing up - you should too. This is the only part where I think perhaps you're incompatible.

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