I [19M] love my friend [20M] but I think hes starting to get sick of me.

Man I just want to give you a hug. As someone who has gone through something like this last year, I would give him space. I mean you guys are in university so much rapid personal growth can happen in 6 months. Second of all, sexuality is complicated. It is best not to label anything. If anything, I would let him be free despite the fact it will kill you inside. You need to learn to love where the person is free. If he will come back to you, he will. Me (F21) went though this kind of stuff when I did my foundation. Turns out the guy I liked was a low key druggie. My experience is I did my foundation with this guy. Didn't know if it was love, hormones or fucking good weed. We both moved cities from the native place we did our foundation. But he came back in to my life this year and saved me from a terror attack in Sweden and I am all confused. This is going to sound patronising as I am only 18 months older than you but he is probably your first, first drugs, first proper crush, and because you two are both experiencing the roller coaster that is University together, your feelings must be of a massive intensity. I feel like the other posters are being harsh but you're feelings are gonna get more intense and because he is airing you (ignoring) you are just gonna see him in a more romantic unrequited light. Look he's your fantasy right now. The way you view him and the way he is in real life are so different. And like I said your feelings are gonna get more intense so don't let them grow because you will be seeing more of eachother, and you're probably going to see him in a light you shouldn't have seen and your heart will be broken. Date the girl, don't break her heart though just hang out and see if you like her. Experiment with other guys. Just remember a few vital things, your feelings must feel so lovely but crushing at the same time and it must feel so romantic but don't get carried away by them. As for my guy or my situation you're probably thinking what happened to her situation? Well, we did exactly what you and your guy did and argued on 4/20 and he got this bland and very basic girlfriend in which they were in a long distance relationship. And we didn't speak for a year. This is due to the fact my university year was very intense and I had got rid of Facebook and removed him from snapchat. He found my Instagram. (We're talking a year after we argued) Obviously he spilt up from his girlfriend but is harbouring feelings for someone at his current uni. We talked a lot on and off and when I was in Sweden he sent me a drunken video of him dancing to my favourite song. The next day he was the first person to me to the fact that 2 minutes from where I was a terror attack just happened in Stockholm and I should find my mum ASAP. This has pissed me off as he potentially saved my life and again, asserted himself in my life, by not even trying. He is now part of my history. We met for a few pints and went to an exhibition I wanted to see soon as I came back from Sweden and I realised a few things. First of all I was delighted I had closure finally after a year. I didn't expect that. Second of all, he changed in a more negative way and was still in to his drugs however he has nearly completed his degree with great grades and I am very proud of him (I dropped out of my first university because my brain was fried from partying and went to a different city to settle down). Second of all, me and him have a bond and he didn't forget about me. Was it love looking back? It was lust but it was beautiful magical and heartbreaking at the time. Did he love me? He is the type to hide his feelings so I will never ever know. But i have closure now and I'm sure you will too one day. Sending love good luck and good vibes to you. University is crazy.

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