2 month old discharged from peds for having anti-vax parents

"I see doctors in the comments saying parents tend to follow their advice except for the vaccinations. What they should be saying is parents lie to their face about what they do at home but can't lie about the vaccinations"

Respectfully disagree. In the outpatient setting, we build a rapport with these patients over time. Assuming parents lie doesn't make sense for 2 reasons: one, why come to my office over and over just to lie? Just don't go to the doctor at all at that point if you don't trust anything. And two, after seeing a kid 20 or so times, it would be hard for a parent to keep the lies straight; most physicians would see an inconsistency or two at that point.

Most people are not factitious or malingering; they truly do want what's best for their child and they have decided this one thing is harmful. That doesn't mean they discount the whole of medicine.

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